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We hit our +10/100K benchmark in back-to-back years ($10K all plays for folks with just a $100 typical wager amount, $100K for our dime bettors). We also compiled a 60.80% win rate for our POTD* pick of the day—over a 500 pick sample set (304 W’s). Experienced gamblers understand what a success rate like 60.80% represents, for a sample size that large. 

The Biff Group is a 3-man #sportsbetting & handicapping coterie, with over 50 years combined experience analyzing the betting number. Ours is a community of data-driven, contrarian and winning sports bettors. Having shared our card with TBG members for years now—millions of dollars worldwide have been bet based on emails. We’ve had some of the same members with us for years now, plural, by the way.

We send our daily picks & analysis email to members by 6 PM Eastern US or 1 hour before anything on our card comes down off the board, guaranteed.

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TBG7: MLB runs April thru October. We’re dark for just a handful of days each year. We take the entire MLB All-Star break off. Ice up, son. The only other dark days for us each year are a day here and there—the day before Turkey Day, Christmas Eve. But on those days we’re preparing for the next day or the upcoming weekend. The first line in our charter states that TBG's aim is to simulate handling the rook's action, 365. That is what we do. That is our A1A swing thought. And the novice is out there, every day. Besides, life is nowhere near interesting enough not to gamble. And luckily for us, our style (OPBC/volume) mandates that we get our money into the market, every time that there’s a full board.

The EPL starts mid-August. We bet the EPL from August to May. We also Spot Pick the Champions League & Europa League soccer—which runs simultaneously to the British Premier League season. We bet the big summer international soccer competitions too—the World Cup, the European Championships, etc.

NFL preseason starts in early August and we monitor & log the data there, of course—getting down on 6-12 NFL preseason games each year. NCAAF gets going in late August, before the NFL’s regular season starts. We bet college football from August to January. When both college football & the NFL’s regular season are underway, in early September—we sit out the weekends for our MLB section. We don’t need the MLB opps for those 3 or 4 weekends. But we’re back on MLB 7 days a week once their playoffs start.

The NHL is 1 of our 7. We monitor results, handicap and Spot Pick the entire NHL season, from October to April. And we need betting opps to bang Style Fits—but we don’t really give a shit which section they come from. Late in the fall, with 6 of our 7 in season—we don’t need the NHL for anything other than Spot Picks. We Fade CW to start the new NHL season, stick in for those 3 or 4 weeks before the NBA starts. But we sub NBA in for our daily NHL picks, once the NBA season starts. We don’t bet the NHL every night until we pick it up again full-time late in the winter, after the conclusion of the NFL and college football. We always play the NHL postseason, from beginning to end.

The NBA gets started in late October/early November. We bet the NBA every night, from October thru it’s conclusion in June. College hoops starts in late November and we jam NCAAB from November thru March. We average approximately 7 plays per day for the entire #sportsbetting year. OPBC/volume.