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Millions of dollars have been bet based on TBG member emails. 100+ members worldwide on our daily email list. established 1/1/13. Over 50 years combined experience for TBG analyzing the betting number and betting OPBC/volume. 3 straight winning years. A 60.80% win rate for our pick of the day, over a 500 pick sample set (304 W’s). Same as it ever was. Experienced gamblers understand what 60% represents, for a sample size that large. is a community of data-driven, contrarian & winning sports bettors.

We email our picks to TBG & Members by 6 PM Eastern US or 1 hour before kick, tip or first pitch. We post our picks on the blog & Twitter to promote our service. The Biff Group trades in picks, profit, analysis, reality & honesty. Our service is 180 degrees across from the dipshit handicappers on Twitter and elsewhere.

Fading the public is an art, not a science. Our approach is a style, not a system. Successful sports betting is a grind, not a get rich quick scheme. TBG offers members a successful, long-term sportsbetting strategy. 

The price to receive our daily picks & analysis email is $75 per month, or $500 for an annual membership. We've added members in the past at a membership amount that was less than the current stated membership rate. So shoot us an offer (select custom invoice option above, and we'll be in touch via email). 

Pricing this thing is tough, as bankrolls and typical wager amounts vary wildly from player to player. And once a member is locked in at a rate, that price will never change for them. With us, there are no pick packages or upsells from partial information. 

To cancel your membership—please email We never offer refunds or guarantee results, ever. Nothing about betting sports is ever guaranteed. There are plenty of hacks on Twitter and elsewhere that will guarantee picks. We'd be happy to give you a referral. Otherwise, let's get it.

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