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The famous poker pro and NBA gambler, Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris, earned his rep betting totals for regular season NBA games. It is believed that he had identified certain coaches (he’s only intimated how he achieved his edge) that were more likely to have teams play Under the Total in certain spots. The thinking is that these were more prideful coaches, less end of game fouling, better defensively. And when two of his coaches met up—he’d hammer down on those matchups.

It’s true that he made a fortune on something only he could identify. The books thought he had a complex gambling algorithm. And maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. But the point was that he combined his eyeballs and then the data—that’s the lesson from Voulgaris. We’ve combined our eyeballs and the data.

We have over 70 original TBG Play Type distinctions. The POTD  (Biff’s Algorithm Pick of the Day) usually meets the most criteria—a combination of subjective and objective elements that we’re looking for in a side. It’s our call which play we DBL our recommendation for and elevate to POTD status. We do not use a computer to spit out POTD picks, obviously. But we rank our plays, certainly. And the POTD is, by definition—number 1 on the list of sides that fit our profile. All touch and feel and based on certain things that we combine using our eyeballs and the data. The wager recommendation for POTD picks is almost always double a player's typical wager amount.

We hit our +10/100K benchmark in back-to-back years ($10K all plays for folks with just a $100 typical wager amount, $100K for our dime bettors). We also compiled a 60.80% win rate for our POTD pick of the day—over a 500 pick sample set (304 W’s). Experienced gamblers understand what a success rate like 60.80% represents, for a sample size that large. 

The Biff Group is a 3-man #sportsbetting & handicapping coterie, with over 50 years combined experience analyzing the betting number. TBG is a community of data-driven, contrarian and winning sports bettors. Having shared our card with TBG members for years now—millions of dollars worldwide have been bet based on emails. We’ve had some of the same members with us for years now, plural, by the way.

We send our daily picks & analysis email to members by 6 PM Eastern US or 1 hour before anything on our card comes down off the board, guaranteed.