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The typical type of player that we’ve seen sign-up for our service has an advanced understanding of sportsbetting and they’ve made money on the endeavor throughout the years. The experienced player reads our blog and the information on the website and they understand instantly how we attack the bookies that handle our action. Our style resonates with them and they essentially commission us to do the research and lay out the daily plan of attack.

TBG Members have come to the realization that the way most people bet sports is wrong and are in agreement with the OPBC/volume approach and concept. TBG members are disciplined, love action and possess a stiff enough chin to handle inevitable gambling swings. TBG members Must Love Underdogs.

Most of our members follow our plays exactly. A few of our members only hammer down on our pick of the day—POTD certified 60% for 2013, 166/269. A -110 aggregate for POTD picks, absolute high end—lotta ML Dogs for us. It was 304 W’s for us in our first 500 POTD's to open membership.

Some members cherry-pick from our daily card. Some people prefer a lower end of the volume approach and will play just our SNGL or 1.5/DBL sides, respectively. Our 4 different TWA recommendations each have their own profile. The POTD for example—she’ll almost never be a BATP and will be either -110 ATS or a ML side not exceeding +135 or -120. Our 1.5 x’s TWA sides are 4 to 1 Dogs to Faves, 4 to 1 SFIT to BATP.

Because of our different TWA profiles—members can either follow our plays exactly, or carve out their own lower volume approach, while remaining OPBC and on TBG sides. Certain members really key into TBG’s Play Types—VSPC’s, UHFART’s, NOTBIF/RLM, LNC’s, to name a few. We have over 70 original Play Types. Most members use our picks & analysis in combination with their own subjective Leans & Likes.

The Biff Group Sports Handicapping Service

We always thought there was value in our experience, our view of the #sportsbetting market and in our daily picks process. In 2013, we set out to build something on top of cashed tickets. And mostly, TBG membership services was born out of our utter disdain for the rookie & fraud “handicappers” that were becoming far too prevalent on Twitter and elsewhere.

We felt a mandate to offer a legitimate, honest service that lives exactly opposite the Noob dipshits that are out there. Them with their 10 star bombs, and HPD resets, and locks, and guaranteed picks—clogging up the airways, disrespecting the grind, out there in mass—like so many nickels and dimes.

And since January of 2013, doing things our way, the right way—we’ve built a community of data-driven, contrarian and winning players with over 100 members worldwide. We are a picks service for people that have never had much use for a picks service. Message us directly, any time, if you have any questions.

The price to receive our daily picks & analysis email is $75 per month or $500 for an annual subscription. We've signed members for less than the current stated rate. Shoot us an offer. Pricing this thing is tough, as bankrolls and typical wager amounts vary from player to player. There are no rate increases, sign-up fees, cancellation fees, or upsells from partial information.

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The Bulls, listed first—they’re the side that we’re betting on. +7.5 is the number that we know is available or expect to see based on the betting data and movement. We bet numbers—not Leans or Likes or because one team has goddamn Dwyane Wade. We only deal in 100% reality and honesty with our daily card, member communication, betting numbers and performance data (HPD). Miami is our side’s opponent. 8 is the Game-Time and everything is always Eastern US time zone. “GT” means bet closer to the tip, as opposed to Now—per our simple strategy for consistent, well-timed wagers (Timely Betting Instructions). Our TBI is listed immediately after the Game-Time. LMOF, OPBC, HEND +SVAL, MVB, OPRF, PTHDG—those are all Play Type distinctions or additional elements present in a TBG side, per our style. Some members key into certain Play Types. Our acronyms are a shorthand. Time is money. The last item listed will be the Typical Wager Amount (SC, SNGL, 1.5, DBL). Wager control and discipline is a big part of where we derive our edge.

Our Play Type info and acronyms allow us to always tell our members why we’re moving on a particular side, how it fits for us. We began sharing our daily card mostly as a response to the Noob, dipshit handicappers that are far too prevalent in this business. Them with their non-existent analysis or rationale. A mandate to offer a sharp service for smart people that exists 180 degrees across from the rookies & frauds. And it’ll be our willingness and ability to explain “The why,” for every pick—that will continue to set us apart.  

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