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TBG's Historical Performance Data

Biff's Historical Performance Data Spreadsheet. 3 consecutive years, all plays. Not some, all. Winning years, plural. Winning players get it. Additional HPD info, permanent home on the Almanac.

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People want to see a handicapper’s Historical Performance Data because they want to make sure that the handicapper knows what the fuck they’re talking about, knows what the hell they’re doing—that they’re capable of beating the books with historical proof of them doing so. We have that. 3 consecutive good winning years for, complete, all plays, 1095 days across 7 pro & college leagues. 

Very few handicappers in the world can trade on 3 consecutive years all plays. And we’re more than happy to talk current TBG HPD. But we get to put a bow on a sample set that large. So that’s what we do. Message us subject “Data” and we’ll send over the TBG HPD. The Historical Performance Date is wholly accurate and verifiable via time stamped member emails.

60.80% pick of the day win rate for us over a 500 pick sample set, -110 aggregate absolute high end, lotta +money dogs for us. Back-to-back-to-back winning years for The Biff Group, reaching the +7.5K/75K benchmarks in all 3 (over 10K for folks with just a $100 Typical Wager Amount in each of our first 2 betting campaigns). And that’s the same as it ever was for us (SAIEW). It’s over 50 years experience for The Biff Group, analyzing the betting number and betting OPBC/volume. Some highlights dating back to established 1/1/13 include a +106 combined 2 year MLB stretch, 2+ years without missing in a big soccer spot, a 6 straight winning month stretch—stuff like that. Performance Data that 95% of handicappers could only dream of. HPD that they’ll never touch. HPD is all verifiable via time stamped member emails. But also our membership numbers tell the story. Dating back to when we opened our membership side on 1/1/13—we’ve doubled our membership at the start of every year, as compared to the same point 365 days earlier. We’ve had some of the same people with us for years now, plural. Millions of dollars worldwide have been bet based on TBG member emails.