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Biff’s Almanac on Tumblr. The blog has a format. At the top of each post, you’ll find original #sportsbetting content from Biff. Biff blogs his thoughts on players, teams, numbers, oddsmakers, matchups—anything and everything related to sports & #sportsbetting. Follow Biff on Twitter for real time react and links to Almanac posts and exclusive promotional items.

The 2nd section is for our TBG & Member picks. We copy & paste our actual member emails onto the post. All of TBG’s Monday thru Thursday action is posted on the Almanac.

If we lied, changed shit, added games—we’d alienate our members. We’re too good and we work too hard to do something that stupid, nor do we have any interest in running a service like that. The Biff Group trades in reality, honesty, picks, profit & daily time stamped emails. We’ve got 50+ years combined experience with the number. We work full-time at beating the books, our way, so far so good. 

The 3rd section of every blog post includes a link to our website and member sign-up page. Information on TBG’s Historical Performance Data. A link to sample our daily picks & analysis email, our current membership price and a link to Biff’s eBook, TBG’s #sportsbetting style, explained.

The Almanac also contains additional important information related to TBG membership:

The Almanac Archives.
Biff's full #sportsbetting eBook.
Biff's Manifesto.
Info on how we use our Historical Performance Data.
TBG's marketing on Twitter & Tumblr.
Our disclaimer & FAQ's.
Biff's lifestyle & Linkedin.
TBG's eBook online, by chapter.
Our acronyms listed, A to Z.
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The Biff Group on Twitter

We use Twitter to market the The Biff Group’s Sports Handicapping Service and our daily picks & analysis email. Twitter is not where we relay TBG sides to members. We share our daily picks with members and samplers via email.

If you say hello to us, reply to a tweet, mention us, @tweet, favorite or retweet—of course we welcome the interaction. We wouldn’t expect someone to give a shit about what we have to say if we’re not at least symbolically willing to read what they have to say. But under no circumstances will we follow an egg. We think that the default Twitter egg is a huge shark.

We have 2 Twitter handles (@aarondmichie and @TheBiffGroup). They’re all the same general information on those 2 accounts, just different amounts of it and different focuses on the exact type of info.

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