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Biff's #sportsbetting Manifesto

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Member info and Biff's straight vitriol for other handicappers.

"Handicappers that trade exclusively on Conventional Wisdom and sports knowledge are no different than fortune tellers and psychics, charging $20 for a palm read or flipping tarot cards. The only things that matter, the only elements that are real—are style, expertise and numbers. We might be handicappers, but we’re nothing like most of these dudes."

"We’ve been making our money #sportsbetting since the 90’s. We handled the action of rookies and veterans and everything in between, for over a decade. We handled well north of 7 figures worth of bets—beginning back in the day when the best and only place to get daily numbers was the newspaper. We switched over to laying them, exclusively, towards the end of last decade—and began sharing our daily picks with members on 1/1/13.

"There were a number of reasons why we made the switch. Number 1 was the proliferation of data on the web and in the cloud and the emergence of good line movement and public side preference information."

"So now, for us, across 7 pro and college sports, with TBG & Member’s sides—we simulate what it’s like to run an illegal sportsbetting operation. It’s bookie side action, 365—without all the headache that comes along with running an illegal sportsbetting operation."